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Library Collection

The Des Moines Pride Center houses the largest Queer only library in the state. The Pride Center is fighting to maintain a vibrant Queer future by connecting people to LGBTQIA+ literature, information, and creativity.

The Library is open, are you ready to be read


The Pride Center Library Collection is constantly changing, if you would like to donate material or provide support to the library we are always looking for community connections and support.

Board Member Book Recommendations

                     The LGBTQ+   

                      History Book

"This book contains big ideas simply explained by a large group of contributors. It is inclusive, easy bites of non-linear history and covers most of the 21st century."

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Library Hours

Wednesday 6pm - 8pm

Sunday 2pm - 4pm


1620 Pleasant St.

Des Moines, IA 50314

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