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Health Service Resources

The Des Moines Pride Center understands that in order to be the best version of you, we need additional support with our overall health. This can be so challenging to navigate, let alone finding somewhere safe and supportive. We've got your back!

Check out supports and resources in the metro area below by hovering over each service type.

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Medical Services

Providers, Community Partners, and Resources in the area working to provide an affirming, inclusive, and respectful environment.

Sexual Health & Preventative Services

Providers & Community Partners providing affirming and protective sexual health care.

Dental Services

Providers in the area that are LGBTQIA+ supportive and affirming

Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services and Providers in the area that are LGBTQ+ affirming

James Sargent                        Jeffrey Kramer

Leo Khan-Snyder                    Madi Musson

Ramona Wink                           Amy Bonebrake

Larissa Bustamante             Kelsey Taylor

Megan Runchey                      Lacey Combs

Samantha Tratchel               Samantha Kemp Carlin

Bridgette Hensley                 Sharaine Conner

Katie Cabreriza                       Nicole Holmberg

Joby Holcomb                         Amy Pals

Mandy Harris                            Shelly Clymer

Joe Nixon                                  Kelsey Finch

Susin Bredice

Megan Runchey

Douglas Aupperle

Ashley Parker

Megan Matulka

Johanna Grenko

Hilary Johnson

Tricia Yavitz

Geoffrey Hills

Kayla Bell

Megan Conrad

Sydnee Feuerhelm

Tyler Lewis

Ricc Terranova

Elizabeth Moreno

Vanessa Andrews

Jenny Erdman

Susan Wilson

Rachel Filzer

Barbara Arends

Mitchell Hollingshead

Julie Rice

Rachel Johnson

Jennie Plummer

Chad Elbandagji

James Neubauer

Eli Trumpy

Abby Bottorff

Emily Loynachan

Erin Maher

Kait Hutson

Sarah Schuller

Corrine Schwarting

Chris Miller

Lindsey Brinker

Chad Peters

Jordan Cronbaugh

Samantha Flodin

Anna Patch

Zach Neilson

Gender Affirming Services

Your health matters, being supported in all area of health, appearance, and

James Sargent

Leo Khan-Snyder

Ramona Wink

Larissa Bustamante

Megan Runchey

Substance Use & Recovery Services

If you are aware of substance use treatments, groups, or providers in the state of Iowa that are LGBTQ+ affirming please reach out to the Pride Center

Substance use treatment in the area

James Sargent

Leo Khan-Snyder

Ramona Wink

Larissa Bustamante

Megan Runchey

Hotlines & National Support

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

LGBT National Youth Talkline
National Hotline: 800-246-7743

LGBT National Talkline
National Hotline: 888-843-4564

The Trevor Project
National Hotline: 866-488-7386

Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault
State Hotline: 800-284-7821

Your Life Iowa
State Hotline: 855-581-8111


Trans LifeLine

The Trevor Project

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